Hi, I am Sherman s. brown
You can live your dream, or you can live your fears. It is what you make it.
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Change starts with a single step

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THE BULLET IN ME - Turning Pain into Power

Sherman Brown tells how an accidental shooting, which nearly ended his young life, arrested him and literally turned his life around. From a hustling teenager selling dope on the street corners to a successful entrepreneur, Brown recounts how his family, his friends, and his faith enabled him to overcome his failures and redirect his life toward his God-given purpose.

My Philosophy

I believe that each of us has the potential to create the change we want to see in the world. But too often we get stuck feeling like we can’t. I want to change that.


Finding Focus

You know you have a difference to make. But, you’re so overwhelmed by day-to-day life that you don’t have a moment to figure it out.


Getting Started

You have a great idea, but it hasn’t gotten much further than that. The options seem endless and you just can’t seem to get started.


Maintaining Momentum

You’ve started, but you just can’t seem to build momentum in a sustainable way. You’re worried that you just can’t keep going this way.

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